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Who WealthTrax is and what we do.

Hank James email and telephone contact information with additional resource links.

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Hank James home page
Biography of Hank James, President of WealthTrax, Inc.

What is my business worth?
Insights on business value.

Insights on how buyers view risk when valuing businesses.

Cash Flow
Insights on the importance of cash flow in business value.

Insights on the importance of leverage in business value.

Can I afford to sell my business?
Selling your business is more than "selling your business." It involves lifestyle goals and other personal assets.

Can I afford to die at midnight tonight?
We all hate to face our mortality. Business owners face a huge issue, in that the business might be worth substantially less upon the death or disability of the owner, in addition to all the normal estate planning issues.

Frequently Asked Questions
White papers on issues facing business owners in their exit strategy planning.